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4 Quart or 10 Lbs.


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 16 cups            40 cups       

Bio-Peat contains:
Beneficial soil Bacteria, Protozoa & Fungi
Concentrated Mushroom casing
Fine Organic Black Peat material

Directions:  Mix 1 part Bio-Peat with 20 parts potting soil or regular soil.

Compost Tea:  Add three cups Bio-Peat to 1 gallon of water, stir, let sit 2 hours, stir and apply 1 cup per potted plant until all foamy water is dispensed.

Bulbs:  Mix 1/8 cup Bio-Peat into bottom of planting hole, add tsp BioVam Mycorrhiza and set bulb on top.

Seeds:  Sprinkle Bio-Peat into seed row, add BioVam Mycorrhiza, place seed on top.

Transplants:  Mix Bio-Peat 1:20 with soil surrounding the plant root system.

Compost Tea Recipe

Equipment needed:  2 – 5 gallon bucket, 6” aquarium air stone, 3 PSI Aquarium Air Pump or better, Plastic air hose (2-3’), one or two gallon wide mouth plastic jug.

Other ingredients you will need:  Knee-high nylon stocking, unsulfinated black strap molasses.


Put water in your bucket and set up the air stone, air hose and air pump and run air through the water for two hours.  This will remove chlorine from the water.

For each gallon of water:  add 1 tablespoon of Planters II minerals, cup of molasses, cup powdered Biosol Forte 7-2-1 (run a cup of Biosol Forte 7-2-1 through a blender or food processor), 2 cups of Bio-Peat.

You can heat the water with an aquarium heater to keep it warm… 70 F to 75 F.   Run the air pump for at least 24-30 hours in this solution.  Stir the solution to move the sediment around that will settle in the bottom of the bucket.

At the end of 24-30 hours of brewing, put a knee-high stocking over your 1-2 gallon wide mouth plastic jug and pour the aerated compost tea into the stocking.   

Spray the filtered undiluted tea on the soils around your plants.  You can dilute the tea 1:10 with aerated water and spray the tea on your plants.

Repeat this process every week. 

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