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Nature’s Own Growing System
BioMinerals 2.5 – 4 - .2
General Purpose Fertilizer

Guaranteed Analysis
Total Nitrogen (N) 2.5%*
         .04% Ammoniacal Nitrogen  
       2.46% Insoluble Nitrogen*  
Available Phosphate (P205) 4%
Soluble Potash (K20) .2%
Calcium (Ca) 7%
Iron (Fe) .5%

Use on:
Home Gardens, Lawns, Trees, Shrubbery, Flowers, and Houseplants; also for use in Greenhouses and Nurseries and by Small Grower or Farm Growing applications.

Derived from: Cotton seed meal, Soybean meal, Soft rock phosphate, Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Phosphate, Calcium Sulfate, Iron Sulfate, Iron sulfide, and Iron Oxide.

*2.46% Slowly available Nitrogen from Cotton seed meal and Soybean meal.

Information received by the Washington state department of agriculture regarding the components in this product is available on the internet at http://agr.wa.gov.

Application Instructions

BioMinerals works well when added to the hyperactive biology in Nature’s Own Growing Systems’ Microbe Tea. Microbe Tea weekly application (pump spray, watering can or farm pressurized sprayer): Add from 18 oz. to 3.4 lbs. (2-6 cups) of BioMinerals into ten gallons of diluted Nature’s Own Growing System Microbe Tea (one gallon Microbe Tea + 9 gallons of water + ¼ cup Yucca Extract) and spray on plants and soils on 2,722.5 square feet (1/16 acre) once per week during the growing season.

Using our modified hose end sprayer: Into a 5-gallon bucket add from 18 oz. to 3.4 lbs. (2-6 cups) BioMinerals into one gallon Microbe Tea + 1 to 2 gallons of water + ¼ cup Yucca Extract. Stir vigorously each time before filling quart sprayer. Agitate while spraying. Spray on plants and soils on 2,722.5 square feet (1/16 acre) once per week during the growing season.

The above Microbe Tea application’s with added BioMinerals may be substituted for the applications listed below.

Container Gardening, Greenhouse and Nursery annual application: Add 11.25 ounces (1.25 cups) BioMinerals per cubic foot of growing medium used as fill for transplant pots and growing containers, once per year.

Square Foot Gardening annual application: Add 9 lbs. (20 cups) per 16 square feet and mix into top 6” of soil once per year.

Per plant annual application: 1.25 cups per sq ft mixed 6” deep for all transplants, same for established plants, top dressed into soil.

Per seed row annual application: 1.25 cups per 4” x 3’ row (1 sq ft), mixed 6” deep.

Turf Grass, Trees, Shrubbery, Flowers, and Ground Cover: Apply 50 lbs. per 1,000 square feet spring and fall. On trees, apply from two feet beyond the drip line to the trunk of the tree.

Manufactured by:
T&J Enterprises
2328 W. Providence Ave., Spokane, WA. 99205
Net Weight: 13 lbs (32 cups)
(1 Cup = 9 oz.)

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