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Minerals Supplements

Minerals Supplements

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Ferro-Tonic is an iron supplement in easy to assimilate liquid form. Eight drops provide 10 mg of elemental iron from a naturally occurring mined ferrous sulfate. 2 fl oz dropper top bottle. (Distilled Water) *restricted shipping during cold weather.

Our Price: $6.00
Calcium Citrate 150 Capsules

Calcium Citrate is another form of calcium that has a neutral reaction in the body. Calcium citrate is a calcium salt of citric acid, which is an intermediate in the "Krebs Cycle". This product is also a form of calcium that works well for everyone. Each capsule provides 100 mg of elemental calcium. 150 Vcaps per bottle. (SA, SD)

Our Price: $12.70
Calcium Lactate 250 Capsules

CalciumLactate: This milk type calcium is from a non-dairy source. It is naturally produced by fermentation of calcium carbonate with sugars and starches from potatoes. Calcium lactate is a more acid reacting form of calcium providing 280 mg of elemental calcium per 6 capsules. 250 Vcaps per bottle.

Our Price: $14.50

Coral Calcium: Coral Calciumis the highest quality Sango coral from Okinawa, Japan. Coral calcium is taken from land deposits of ancient coral, thereby assuring that coral reefs in the ocean are not disturbed. Coral calcium from land deposits are free of pollutants because the coral was formed long before modern man was there. All Daily coral products are mined and processed by strict Japanese pharmaceutical standards and further processed and packaged under strict American standards at Daily Manufacturing’s FDA inspected facility. Daily Coral Calcium is ground extremely fine (7-10 micron); assuring that all of the calcium easily forms a colloidal suspension and is easily absorbed. Each capsule provides 400 mg of calcium. 90 Vcaps per bottle.

Our Price: $15.00
Cal II - Reams Formula 250 caps

Cal II:™ A very alkaline calcium supplement, utilizing a natural source of calcium carbonate and calcium hydroxide with brewer’s yeast for added assimilation (Reams formula). Six capsules provide 1000 mg of elemental calcium. 250 Vcaps per bottle.

Our Price: $15.50
Calcium Gluconate 250 Capsules

Calcium Gluconate is a neutral, easily assimilated form of calcium. This is a calcium salt of gluconic acid made from calcium carbonate and gluconic acid from beets. Each capsule provides 40 mg of elemental calcium. 250 Vcaps per bottle.

Our Price: $16.00
Min-Col 250 Capsules

Min-col 250 Cap: ™ Colloidal size particles extracted from soft rock phosphate, from fossil deposits of ancient bones. This is a source of calcium and other minerals in a phosphatic colloidal form, and is also a rich source of the phosphate anion. Three capsules supply 324 mg of elemental calcium. Min-Col™ is available in bottles of 250 capsules. Also contains Magnesium Stearate. Magnesium stearate is made by combining magnesium with vegetable oils. Magnesium stearate assists in allowing ingredients to flow into tablet dies and capsules.

Our Price: $21.00

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