BioPeat 40 cups

BioPeat 40 cups


  • Beneficial soil bacteria,
  • concentrated mushroom casing,
  • fine organic peat material.

Soils: Mix one part Bio-Peat with 10 to 20 parts potting soil or regular soil.

Tea: Add three cups Bio-Peat to one gallon of water, stir and let set until mix foams on top, apply one cup of the water per potted plant.

Bulbs: Mix 1/8-cup Bio-Peat into bottom of planting hole with siol, add 1/2 tsp BioVam Mycorrhiza and set bulb on top.

Seeds: Sprinkle Bio-Peat lightly into seed row, sprinkle BioVam Mycorrhiza on top, place seeds on top and cover.

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