Jacks Dirt Zeolite 30 Lbs

Jacks Dirt Zeolite 30 Lbs

An inexpensive, multi-purpose product which gets truly amazing results! Perfect companion product to BioVam Mycorrhiza. Use Jack's Dirt every time you treat, transplant and plant BioVam treated plants.

Jack's Dirt - Soil Amendment
Holds Moisture - Saves Time - Cuts Costs

This all natural product is a boon to commercial growers and home gardeners alike. It combines many benefits in one easy-to-use soil amendment.

For all your growing and planting needs and situations:

  • Great for all lawns
  • For all vegetable gardening
  • Rose Bushes and all flower gardens
  • Fruit trees, shade trees, etc.
  • Planter boxes and all potted plants

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