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Planters II Mineral Fertilizer

(Analysis Report)

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About The Product

Planters II is included in our BioMinerals fertilizer product along with Biosol Forte 7-2-1, Soft Rock Phosphate, Lime, and Gypsum.  Our Organic Garden Kit contains Microbe tea brewer, BioMinerals Fertilizer, Yucca Extract, and BioVam.

Using Planters II you will be able to see results in the regular growing season in the form of increased plant vigor, a larger root system, increased drought resistance, increased chlorophyll, higher protein in grains and hay, larger grain heads, better flavor in fruit and vegetables, higher yields, and better soil tilth.

The mineral is a highly metamorphosed fresh water evaporate of the Mississippian-Pennsylvanian geologic transition period. It is approximately 30% water soluble in the first hour, the balance becoming available during the normal crop season, a natural timed released fertilizer.

There is no geological name for the mineral.  The minerals are plant available, non-toxic (LD50>4gms/kg), they do not leach from the soil, and are size compatible with the current fertilizer spreaders (-6+12 mesh), weighing approximately 84lbs/cu ft in granular form.

Guarantees are Expressed in Elemental Form

Planters II

What Minerals do for Plants

Mineral Element Composition
% by Weight
Iron (Fe) 0.40% Iron (Fe): Raw material for several enzymes including those that form chlorophyll and those that help oxidize (burn) sugar for energy;  also necessary for legume nitrogen fixation.
Boron (B) 0.02% Boron (B): It helps move sugars from cell to cell; controls starch formation; stimulates cell division, flower formation and pollination
Sulfur (S) 5.00% Sulfur (S): Raw material for certain amino acids and thus for proteins; necessary for legume module formation; raw material for certain oil compounds that give specific odors to some plants such as onions, garlic, mustard, etc.; it is also a raw material for certain protein forming enzymes - it increases oil production in flax and soybeans.
Calcium (Ca) 5.00 % Calcium (Ca): Raw material for material holding cell walls together and to raise pH; aids genetic stability; promotes root hair formation and early growth; stiffens straw.
Cobalt (Co) 0.0005% Cobalt (Co): Needed by Rhizobium for nitrogen fixation; helps form vitamin B12; improves growth, water movement and photosynthesis; improves boll production in cotton;  activates certain enzymes.
Magnesium (Mg) 0.50% Magnesium (Mg): Raw material for chlorophyll formaion; activates enzymes (causes them to funtion) particularly those involved with nitrogen reactions; it increases oil production in flax and soybeans; helps regulate uptake of other elements.
Molybdenum (Mo) 0.0005% Molybdenum (Mo): Needed for nitrogen fixation and nitrogen use in the plant, specifically it is needed to make amino acids; it stimulates plant growth and vigor very much like nitrogen.

Application Rate

Once a year is the usual application rate, however, this may be affected by climatic differences. Although Planters II will not burn your vegetation, a little bit produces a big results. Results is usually seen within two weeks.

Use Planters II in conjunction with BioVam Mycorrhiza and biosol forte 7-2-1 fertilizer it will feed the microbes and be a sustaining nutrient resource that mycorrhizal fungi will move into your plants.

Application Instructions  
Vegetable Gardens or Flower Gardens: Apply one pound for every 100 square feet. Scratch in or water in. Planters will not burn.
House plants Apply one teaspoon for every 2-inch diameter container . For example, a two-inch pot would take one teaspoon. A four-inch pot would take two teaspoons, etc.
Ornamental trees: Apply at the rate of 4oz. per inch of tree diameter. Example: a tree with a 4 inch diameter trunk will need 1 pound of planters. Apply the Planters around the drip line of the tree, scratch in or water in. Planters will not burn.
Fruit trees or Nut trees:

Apply at the rate of 6oz. per inch of tree diameter. Example: a tree with a 4 inch diameter trunk would need 24oz. ( 1 ? pounds ) of Planters. Apply the Planters around the drip line* of the tree, scratch in or water in. Planters will not burn.

One Cup of Planters II is equal to 13.7oz. ( 0.85lbs)

*The drip line of a tree is the area on the outer edge of the branches, the area where the rain would run off. The feeder roots of a tree are primarily around the drip line, and are at a shallow depth (3-6 inches).

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