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Asparagus Fern does well after being treated with BioVam

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Asparagus fern treated with BioVam - green and drought resistant.

This Asparagus Fern, was treated with BioVam Mycorrhiza.  After about three weeks, it turned nice and green and started putting on a lot of growth.  I cut a sprig off this plant and laid it on our kitchen table and it was eight days before it dried to the point where it was brittle and would fall apart. After treating this plant with BioVam, the neighbor noticed that if she didn't water it for three or four days, it would not wilt down.  It held its shape and it didn't turn yellow when stressed.   She thought that was very unusual for this plant.  It was the first time she was able to neglect this plant and not have it reflect a lot of stress.

Cross section from a stem of an Asparagus Fern treated with BioVam.

This is a cross section of one of the stems taken from the above plant.  All the white holes are xylem vessels which carry water and nutrients from the roots.  The light is coming from underneath the plant cutting.  Notice that the outer tissues form a nice uniform layer of cells.  That outer layer helps keep the water in the plant and it helps protect the plant from fungal disease intrusion.

Cross section of a stem from an Asparagus Fern treated with BioVam.

This is the same cross section except the light source is shining down on the cross section.  It's plain that the whole plant is riddled with lots of xylem vessels.


Cross section of an untreated Asparagus Fern plant... fewer and smaller xylem tubes.

This is a cross section of an untreated Asparagus Fern stem.  You can see the xylem are not as plentiful nor are they as large as in the treated plant.  This picture was taken 2-1-2000. 

We went to a large local home and garden store and asked them to sell us the most difficult houseplants to grow. The Asparagus Fern was one of those house plants.  One of our neighbors owned an Asparagus Fern house plant and I asked her why they were so difficult to grow.  She said the plant foliage tended to turn yellow and you had to be careful to keep the plant well watered or it would quickly wilt.  The plant was easily stressed if you let it sit where there was a lot of direct hot sun present.

Many people seem to have a knack for killing their house plants because they forget to water those plants and the plants can't handle the drought stress very well.  When you put BioVam Mycorrhiza on the roots of your plants,  there are a lot of physical changes that take place to compensate for the "brown thumb" treatment.  These plants tend to be a lot greener.  They do a lot better in areas of low light.  They take a long time to dry out and they revive a lot faster.... they hold more water throughout the plant and because the xylem vessels are much larger and are more plentiful, they recover from drought conditions faster when water is applied.  They resist diseases and insects because of their higher levels of health.  When transplanted or repotted, they show little to no transplant shock. 

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