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Home Lawn Testing

This article explains how BioVam is an effective product for use on lawns and gardens by landscapers. 

Dear Mike,
I have been conducting some practical tests on my front lawn and have had some really remarkable results. I am going to write a brochure on this for a total organic solution to lawn care that is not only cost effective but gives results that the "chemical guys" can't get close to achieving.

For example: my lawn is 1,800 square feet and I aerated the lawn, broadcast 1/2 gallon of BioVam onto the lawn and then watered it in for several hours. Watering since then has been by hand each day where I just wet the grass and the ground down... about 10 minutes tops. The hotter it gets, the greener it gets! It stays moist and resists drying out.

When I mowed the lawn when it was subject to "chemical care," I was getting 5 full lawnmower grass catcher bags filled with grass clippings.  I mow weekly and still do. The first week after the BioVam application, I had only one lawnmower grass catcher bag full at about 90% of the bags capacity.  The second week, I received only about a gallon of clippings... yes, I took pictures of both.  The third week, I lowered the lawnmower to just above "scalping mode" and obtained one lawnmower grass catcher bag at about 90% of the bags capacity.  The lawn has thickened with new growth at about 50% increase in density.  The lawn is traveling into my neighbors lawn ... that is, the green is traveling.  My neighbor doesn't water her lawn and hasn't put any fertilizers on her lawn for years.  I also have a good picture of the "green grass traveling" into the neighbor's lawn.

I put BioVam on the backyard lawn of a friend.  He does his own yard work and is a very practical individual.  When he saw my lawn his first comment was, "I wish I could have a lawn like this!"  Well, after the first week with BioVam, his lawn is definitely greener now and is starting to fill in with new growth.  In the first three weeks, as his lawn thickens, I'll have another important lawn application success story.  He has allowed me to take pictures each week to track progress.   This back lawn is in the shade of a lot of ponderosa pine trees and is lined with plants that are all responsive to Mycorrhizae.   I made it a point to get some Mycorrhizae applied to those plants and to leave some for him to put on his Raspberry plants.  He will have me treat the rest of his lawn if this 2,600 square foot test turns out okay... the first week looks great! He entertains a lot of people and his lawn will be a showcase for BioVam... the 100% total Organic solution to cost effective lawn care.

Another one of the side effects of using BioVam on my lawn is that after no weed treatment for over two months, there hasn't been any Dandelions germinating and growing in my BioVam treated lawn.  Weeds generally don't benefit from Mycorrhizae and it is my experience that they don't like to germinate in ground that has a concentration of Mycorrhizae present.... this fact is really nice to have with a lawn... no pesticide control... or at least so few weeds... that they can easily be handled by digging out by hand... I would if I could find any!

These are not "scientific studies," but with progress pictures and quantified results that are being achieved by others as I write this..."they will do."   I intend to put together a cost/benefit sketch in my lawn brochure and show what it can mean over 5 years.

There are a lot of markets that I see as great candidates for BioVam.  So far, I have had excellent results with house plant applications, lawn applications, and of course the old Raspberry patch.  You ought to see the pictures I have of my neighbor's BioVam tomato plants.  I think of it as "Godzilla's garden."  They even have tomatoes ripening the first couple of weeks in July!  I have hopes that my beef eater tomato plants will produce a nice early yield well before the September frost.  I have nice sized green tomato's on those plants now.  We've never been able to get them to mature before the first frost in late September before.  My theory of BioVam making a huge difference on short growing season areas is being made into a reality as these plants are all about 4 weeks ahead of time.  I'll be forwarding along some tomato stories as they are documented. They make great feature pages for gardeners.   I had a fellow come up to me and say, "You should see my corn plants this year.  You will have me as a customer for next years garden!"

Thomas Giannou
T&J Enterprises
2328 W. Providence Ave
Spokane, Washington  99205

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