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BioVam Nursery Growth Trials


Somis and Camarillo, California

Recorded 9/9/97
Mr. Leroy Holiday
Senior Nursery Consultant to Baron Bros.
Former Nursery Manager, Brokaw Nursery
Summary of Baron Bros. Growth Trials


1. Plant: Quince      (Fruit Tree)     Results:  "Excellent growth response, with no fertilizer used. Planted in high PH of 8.5. I have never seen Quince grown without fertilizer."

2. Plant: Photinia    (ornamental)    Results:  "Extremely good growth, the best I have seen in the shortest amount of time (4 weeks)"

3. Plant: Gardenia   (ornamental)    Results:  "Extremely rapid growth. Beautiful color, approximately 8 times as many blooms as I have ever seen for the size of plant tested."

4. Plant: Escalonia  (ornamental)    Results:   "Excellent growth, 100% larger than control plant grown in PH of 8.5 and above."

5. Plant: Azalia       (ornamental)    Results:   "Phenomenal growth response in PH above 8.5. You normally can't grow this species in PH this high. All controls died off.

6. Plant: Begonia    (ornamental)    Results:   "Five times the size of the control plants"

Mr. Holiday's personal comments: "I am so impressed with BioVam that I wish to distribute the product in Ventura County."

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