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1 Pint -96 tsp
Use By: 12-31-20xx


With Endo and Ecto Mycorrhiza
A Natural All-purpose Root Enhancing- Soil enhancing Ecosystem
The way nature grows in your soils - only better!

Use with:       Bulbs, Seeds, Transplants, Trees, Shrubs, Established Plants, etc.

100% organic, environmentally friendly & contact safe for use around domestic animals, pets, wildlife & children.  100% non-polluting to soils, rivers, lakes, & ground water.

Popular Uses:

Vegetable & Flower Gardens.

House & Office Plants.

Fruit & Citrus Trees (Used by Orchard Growers).

Grapes (Used by Vineyard Growers).
Enhanced Organic Lawn maintenance. For vigorous, naturally beautiful, low cost, maintenance lawns.

Repairs Fairy Rings.

Repairs Necrotic Ring Spot.

Used by Lawn Care Professionals.

Quaking Aspen & Most Shade Trees.

Raspberries, Strawberries.

Roses (Used by Professional Rose Growers).

Spirea & other popular hedge plants.

Melons Corn, Potatoes, Squash, etc.

(Benefits over 230,000 plant species!  See our brochures for more information.)

General Benefits:
Helps increase plant vigor and viability so plants resist fungal diseases and destructive insects.
Sustains water and mineral nutrient flow into roots

More chlorophyll is present in the leaves and stems so plants may be planted in areeas with low light.  Plants and cuttings retain more water and take longer to wilt and dry out.

Transplant shock losses are reduced.

Plants produce sonsecutive blooms throughout the growing season.

Plants have increased resistance to environmental stresses (too hot, wrong pH, salinity, pollution, etc.) 

Product viability is guaranteed. Vacuum packing, mold, and strong musty odor is normal.Due to the variability of soils and environmental conditions we cannot guarantee the benefits will occur in all locations and situations.

A Natural Organic Non-Plant Food Product

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BioVam is a Mycorrhizal root enhancer and is registered with the CA. State Department of Agriculture.

Active Ingredients: Endomycorrhizae (approx. 40-100 spores per cc). Ectomycorrhizae (approx 100-500 spores per cc).  Athrobacter Glovirormis, Azotobacter Chrococcum,  Azobobacter Vinelandii, Bacillius Subtillis, Pseudomonas Alcaligenes, Pseudomonas Putida.  Estimated minimum viable cells per cc 20,000.  Trichoderma Harzianum and Trichoderma Koningii, estimated minimum cells per cc: 10,000.

Directions for use:  (see more details in Brochures)

Transplants & Bulbs:
96 at 1 teaspoon each on plant roots.

Seeds: 384 at 1/4 teaspoon under each seed.

Established Roses & Grapes:
  16 plants at 6 teaspoons each - poke six holes 8-10 inches into root zone close to plant and apply 1 tsp per hole. Cover with soil.

Bare root Rose & Grape plants:
32 at 1 tablespoon each.

Necrotic Ring Spot and Fairy Rings:
1 pint per 500 sq. ft.

Turf Grass Maintenance:
1 pint per 1,000 sq ft.  

* BIO-VAM's components of Endo and Ecto mycorrhiza form a symbiotic relationship with roots of plants that can enhance growth and survivability of colonized plants.  Many benefits are commonly found with mycorrhiza usage and may result from use of this product.  The performance of the mycorrhiza is supplemented with several other natural organisms beneficial to plants.

can be used to treat roots of most plants.  Common plants benefited include asparagus, almonds, apples, carrots, cherries, grapes, lettuce, onions, peaches, pears, peppers, rice, roses, strawberries, tomatoes and walnuts.  For more extensive list, see brochures.

BIO-VAM's ectomycorrhiza will benefit the following plant families:  Heath, pine, oak, birch, rush, protea, mustard, carnation and eucalyptus.

The following are not benefited by BIO-VAM's mycorrhiza but are benefited by the micro-organisms:  blueberry, orchid, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts.

Cultural conditions:
BIO-VAM contains safe living natural microorganisms that are sensitive to certain cultural practices.  To avoid inhibiting or injuring the organisms, do not use fertilizers that have an analysis greater than 7-2-1 (N-P-K).  Do not use with PCNB, Late or other soil fumigants.  BIO-VAM can be used in fumigated soil after a wating period of at least 25 days.  Bicides, nemacides, and insecticides are generally not inhibitory to VAM, however specific products should be checked for compatibility before use.  For technical information, call the distributo listed below.

Storage:  Store in a cool dry place with temperatures not exceeding 70 F or 21 C.  Avoid Direct Sunlight.

BIO-VAM is manufactured by Brock Probiotics
Wholesale & Retail Sales
T&J Enterprises
2328 W. Providence Ave
Spokane, WA  99205

1 pint packaged by volume

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