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Natures Own Growing System Microbe Tea  Kit

1.  General Information

Identity: Natures Own Growing System Microbe Tea  Kit: Natures Own Growing System Tea contains natural organic ingredients.  There are no chemicals or genetically modified materials present.  In the brewing process, natural organic beneficial aerobic soil bacteria and fungi are brewed from the  materials in the proprietary Soil Life & Activator microbe tea product.  The Soil Life & Activator ingredients are micro and macro nutrients for the beneficial fungi and beneficial aerobic bacteria, and additional natural organic bacteria and fungi. 

Manufactured by: T&J Enterprises
  2328 W. ProvidenceAve.
  Spokane, WA99205
Phone Number:  
(509) 327-7670 
Emergency Phone Number: (509) 327-7670    


II.  Hazardous Ingredients


III.  Physical/Chemical Characteristics

Boiling Point:                     212F                       Specific Gravity:               1.1

Vapor Pressure:                 N/A                              Melting Point:                N/A

Vapor Density:                   N/A                      Evaporation Rate:                N/A

Solubility in  Water           N/A                       

Appearance and Odor:        Dark Brown Liquid with slight earthy wine odor.

IV.   Fire and Explosion Hazard Data

Flash Point:   N/A                                  Flammable Limits:   N/A

Extinguishing Media:     N/A              Special Fire Fighting Procedure:    N/A

Unusual Fire and Explosion Hazards:       N/A

V.   Reactivity Data

Stability:    Stable   Incompatibility (Materials to Avoid):  N/A   Hazardous Polymerization:  Will not occur

VI.  Health Hazard Data

Route(s) of Entry:

Inhalation:   No                Skin:  See Below                Ingestion:  See Below

Health Hazards (Acute and Chronic):   None Known

Carcinogencity:   NTP   IARC Mongographs         OSHA Regulated None Known

Signs and Symptoms of Exposure:    N/A

Medical Conditions Generally Aggravated by Exposure:   None Known

Emergency and First Aid Procedures:

l.   If ingested, do not induce vomiting.  Consult with a physician. 

2.  Eye contact - flush with water

3.  Skin contact - wash with soap and water

VII.  Precautions for Safe Handling and Use

Steps to Be Taken in Case Material is Release or Spilled:   Mop or wet vacuum into containers.

Waste Disposal Method:   Dispose of in accordance with applicable local, state and federal regulations.

Precautions to Be Taken in Handling and Storing:  Do not freeze.  Do not brew or store in direct sunlight. 

Other Precautions:  Brew at 75 F; use tea within 8 hours.  You may prolong the viability of the tea by continuing the aeration until you use up all of the tea.

VIII.  Control Measures

Respiratory Protection:   None

Ventilation   N/A

Protective Gloves:   Recommended                   Eye Protection:  Recommended

Other Protective Clothing or Equipment:  N/A             Work/Hygienic N/A Practices:  N/A


The information in this Material Safety Data Sheet is believed to accurately reflect the scientific evidence used in making the hazard determination.  It is considered only as a guide, and not a warranty or representation for which we assume legal responsibility.  Independent decisions must be made on the suitability and use of this product dependent on variable storage conditions or locally applicable laws or government regulations.  The buyer and user assume all risk and liability of storage conditions or locally applicable laws or government regulations.  The buyer and user assume all risk and liability of storage, handling, and use of this product not in accordance with the terms of the product label.

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