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  BioVam Organic Lawn Maintenance Program

For Beautiful Natural Organic (Pollution Free) Lawns.
How to maintain lawns treated with Natures Own Growing System - BioVam, Biosol, Planters II and Soil Life Tea mixed with Yucca.
Enhanced organic lawn care, products and maintenance for a cleaner, healthier "recreational living" environment.

Congratulations! By choosing Natures Own Growing System - BioVam Mycorrhiza, Biosol Organic Fertilizer, Planters II trace mineral fertilizer and soil life tea mixed with yucca extract - to care for your lawn you are using the latest "state of the art" lawn care, products and maintenance. This document will help you adopt and understand why different methods of maintenance are now needed to sustain your BioVam Grown lawn.

With BioVam Grown lawns, it isn't just the grass itself you are maintaining; you are also maintaining the BioVam Mycorrhiza and natural microbial processes which are at work in the soil and root system of your grass. If all these are thriving, your lawn will quickly reflect the positive natural characteristics it can now easily achieve!

About your BioVam Grown Lawn

BioVam Grown lawns can be started any time of the year - Spring, Summer or Fall, as long as the ground is not frozen. Even winter, if your location remains unfrozen and mild.

When Natures Own Growing System - BioVam Mycorrhiza, biosol forte 7-2-1 All Purpose Fertilizer, Planters II Trace Mineral Fertilizer and our soil life microbe tea with yucca extract added after brewing - are applied to your lawn each year, and followed up with the use of these organic lawn maintenance procedures, you are establishing and maintaining:

Please note: The use of high phosphorus chemical fertilizers may damage your BioVam treated lawns, gardens and plants and or may inhibit the health giving Mycorrhizal process you are trying to establish. This is why: the Mycorrhiza in BioVam, once established with your lawn or plants are able to take phosphorus into plants at levels 400% higher than the plants own root system. With plentiful Mycorrhiza fungi present, levels of Phosphorus above 2% may cause burning - and, if high enough, kill your plants. Once the Mycorrhiza has lost its host plant, which it depends on for food, it dies. To prevent this from happening, use only Biosol Forte 7-2-1 All Purpose Fertilizer. Biosol Forte 7-2-1 All Purpose Fertilizer is a rich, complex organic fertilizer providing all the nutrients your lawn, plants, trees and soil will need. This just shows how very effective BioVam Mycorrhiza is at feeding your lawn and at maintaining its health, and why it is a cleaner, healthier and superior  way to grow.

Routine Maintenance:

Cut your grass longer.  It is actually healthier for your lawn. Cut your grass to a height that is commonly recommended for the type of grass you have.  2.5 - 3 inches is recommended for Kentucky Blue Grass. Never scalp or crew cut your lawn. A lawn cut high discourages weed and insect infestations. Longer grass is hardier and much more competitive. It also helps prevent weeds from sprouting, keeps the roots and soil moist and will encourage the roots to grow deeper into the soil. Cutting longer aids the Mycorrhizal process you are establishing, and both aid your lawn in resisting lawn diseases. Mow once a week and cut 1/3 or less of the length of the grass each time you mow. Keep the blades on your mower sharpened so you don't rip the grass. Make sure the grass is dry when you mow it.

Mulch the grass clippings into your lawn: The mulch from BioVam Grown lawns is now a safe and rich excellent Organic fertilizer for your lawn. Earthworm populations in BioVam lawns explode and feed on that mulch. That is one of the reasons a BioVam lawn doesn't have thatch problems - those worms are Nitrogen recyclers! BioVam's Mycorrhiza decomposes and feeds all the waste from the Earthworms to your lawn  another plus! If you miss mowing your lawn for a week, unlike the clippings from Chemically treated lawns which turn brown, clippings from a Mycorrhizal lawn stay green longer - avoiding the "cut hay field" look! When you switch to a BioVam Grown lawn you can start mulch mowing right away. The top growth in a Mycorrhizal lawn will produce 60% to 90% fewer clippings starting in the first week after the Mycorrhiza has been applied.

How to water your new BioVam Grown lawn: Once a week, apply one inch of water to your lawn.  If it is hot and dry, apply the water early in the morning before it gets hot.   As an alternative to this method, daily light watering will also suffice with BioVam grown lawns. You can easily measure how long it takes your sprinkler to put out an inch of water by placing a pan near the sprinkler to catch the water. Under normal Organic situations, light watering would cause roots to grow shallow, but when BioVam Mycorrhiza is added to your lawn, light watering will not cause that effect : the Mycorrhiza fungi grow down into the soil where plant roots do not normally grow.  It loosens the soil, allowing the roots to grow down into water tables normally out of reach to them, thus deepening the root system.  This results in less water being required on lawns treated with BioVam Mycorrhiza.  One inch of water once a week or daily light watering will more than suffice.

Seasonal care and reapplication:

When you reapply BioVam Biotic-Mycorrhiza and Biosol Forte 7-2-1 All Purpose Fertilizer to your lawn each year, you are maintaining and strengthening the health and richness of your lawn and its highly resistant and beneficial Mycorrhizal and Biosol Forte 7-2-1 All Purpose Fertilizer enriched organic biosphere.

BioVam Mycorrhiza treatment with Biosol Forte 7-2-1 All Purpose Fertilizer will result in a naturally healthy and dominant lawn that out competes and resists weeds, mosses, fungi, and molds for nutrients : the Mycorrhiza breaks down and consumes the organics they like to feed on. Heavy traffic also has far less affect on established BioVam Grown lawns because the ground remains soft and gives when people walk on it or vehicles drive over it. The grass isn't caught between two hard surfaces and crushed. We have seen heavy traffic areas actually fill in with new growth from the multitude of new shoots that results when BioVam Mycorrhiza is applied to a lawn. The need to over-seed is greatly reduced with BioVam Grown lawns because of the way it aids generation of new shoots. (But overseeding also has a more dramatic effect on established BioVam Grown lawns. See below.) Typically, BioVam Mycorrhiza isolates the lawn from the effects of the wrong pH level in soils,  environmental stresses and diseases. See our original Fairy Ring and Necrotic Ring research. The vitality of BioVam Grown lawns is raised to higher levels. Many insects are generally not drawn to and have trouble seeing the energy frequency given off from healthier plants. Earthworms recycle Nitrogen and flourish as they eat the thatch in BioVam Grown lawns and pass along their benefits to the lawn and soil. They are also the best natural aerators of the roots of your lawn and aid the movement of the Mycorrhiza fungi hyphe and grass roots, deepening the lawns root system. As the lawn becomes thick and vigorous,  weed germination is dramatically reduced.  BioVam does not kill weeds.  If your lawn has more weeds than grass and that bothers you, you can kill them with weed be gone, wait 30 days then apply BioVam or stay natural! The grass will continue to thicken up crowding the weeds out naturally year after year.  Overseeding with matching grass seed mixed with BioVam when you reapply - or apply for the first time - will dramatically aid this process.

Rake your lawn occasionally when needed to remove debris in the spring and fall: Thatch will generally not be a problem because the BioVam Mycorrhiza and the Earthworms are continually consuming it.

Aerate when you reapply BioVam Mycorrhiza: Aerate early in the spring after the ground has thawed and drained. Then apply BioVam Mycorrhiza at a rate of 1 quart per 2,000 square feet. Do not let BioVam Mycorrhiza heat up in direct sunlight.  Prolonged heat from the sun will kill the fungi. Water the BioVam Mycorrhiza thoroughly into the lawn and soil. In the past, mechanical aeration was done to increase air circulation, water and fertilizer to the roots. Now, it is also done so the BioVam Mycorrhiza can be applied more directly to the roots of the lawn. Then, as the Mycorrhiza fungi and the Earthworms do their job, they keep your lawn continuously aerated throughout the year.

Reapply Biosol Forte 7-2-1 All Purpose Fertilizer, Planters II and our soil life tea each time you reapply BioVam Mycorrhiza: You can apply Biosol Forte 7-2-1 All Purpose Fertilizer at the same time you apply the BioVam.  But wait no more than about two weeks after BioVam Mycorrhiza is applied. One application feeds your lawn all year long.  Biosol Forte 7-2-1 All Purpose Fertilizer working with BioVam Mycorrhiza is an important addition to your soil and benefited plants. We urge you to use Biosol Forte 7-2-1 All Purpose Fertilizer when you use BioVam Mycorrhiza.  We have found that Biosol Forte 7-2-1 All Purpose Fertilizer, on a long term basis will furnish Organics and minerals that most plants need to improve their health. Note:  If Biosol Forte 7-2-1 All Purpose Fertilizer is not available in your area, you can substitute cottonseed meal.  We also recommend the annual addition of Gypsum and Planters II for minerals and soil conditioning.

Over-seeding: After you aerate, you can optionally apply new seed if needed. As the new seed germinates the BioVam Mycorrhiza will be active with your lawn from the moment the seed sprouts. The percentage of germinated seeds is also increased using BioVam Mycorrhiza. Established lawns will thicken more quickly by overseeding them and new lawns will more quickly grow to maturity.

Thank you for choosing BioVam Mycorrhiza and Biosol Forte 7-2-1 All Purpose Fertilizer for all your growing needs!

Remember, use and application of BioVam Mycorrhiza is not seasonally dependent or limited. Apply anytime throughout the year on unfrozen ground. BioVam functions as a Living System for all your growing needs, and begins working upon root contact. See our Mycorrhizal plant list for other plants benefited by BioVam Mycorrhiza. Our list is ever evolving so if your plants are not listed please Email Us  - chances are your plants are benefited!

We guarantee the viability, quality and packaged quantity of our products. It is highly probable that superior responses in plant growth, health and yield will occur from their use. Due to the variability of soils and conditions found in various locations and their affects on plant and soil responsiveness to our products, we cannot guarantee all these benefits will occur in all locations and situations. BioVam's viability is guaranteed for one year from date of shipping from the inventor and manufacture, B. Probiotics.

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