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Press Release - From: T & J Enterprises tandjenterprises.com 

Released by: Thomas Giannou
T & J Enterprises
Release Date: Saturday, 9 AM, August 22, 1999
Release Location: News Media, Greater Pacific Northwest - WA., ORE., ID., MT.

__________________Changing The Way We Grow

    T & J Enterprises is a Spokane area company, locally owned and operated. We are a leading applied research company in the Bio-organic growing field dealing with the new technologies deriving out of the science of Mycology. We are also a distributor / supplier of the leading product in the field of this technology - "BioVam Mycorrhiza" - locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. We distribute BioVam Mycorrhiza and Biosol organic fertilizers for lawns, gardens, growers and importing countries.

    T & J Enterprises is a local company answering and solving today's agricultural problems and concerns. Through our applied research we are leading the industry in the practical application of the advancements in the science of Mycology, while providing consumers with "validated" and "replicated" application methods to meet and exceed their growing needs. Our "BioVam Grown living system" approach represents for consumers and growers an entirely new method and approach to growing healthy plants, lawns, gardens and commercial produce.

    Growing technology is results and benefits oriented and belongs in everyday use. We are dedicated to making available to consumers this "full circle 'living system' growing technology" by "proving" its ability to fill their growing needs whatever they may be in the "growing chain".

    BioVam Mycorrhiza enhances plant root development, health, growth and quality through improved organic methods a 'living system' which aids in creating healthy soil conditions. Biosol is a rich, complex slow release organic fertilizer with micro nutrients, highly suited and needed for sustaining this Mycorrhizal process and the "living system" it is a part of. BioVam increases the health, vitality and quality of plants and produce as well as root biomass, disease resistance, water retention, resistance to insects and environmental stresses. Our original vascular research provides answers for practical application by consumers.

    BioVam and Biosol are 100% organic, environmentally friendly and contact safe. And are 100% non polluting in all applications. The viability of BioVam Mycorrhiza is 100% guaranteed for one year from date of shipping from B. Probiotics, the inventor and manufacturer of BioVam.

    Growing with BioVam also represents and provides a broad based cost effective / cost saving solution long sought after for stopping the inputs of pollution into the Spokane Aquifer from our lawns, gardens and growing fields. Wide spread use can dramatically impact this serious issue.

    Unlike other growing methods, the use and application of BioVam Mycorrhiza and Biosol organic fertilizers are not seasonally dependent or limited - they can be applied any time Spring, Summer and Fall on non-frozen ground, even during the winter months if the locale is mild. This is because BioVam Mycorrhiza is not dependent on active plant growth to begin working or be taken in by the plant. It creates with its host plants a symbiotic relationship within the plants roots, a process which begins upon root contact creating full colonization in as little as 30 days. BioVam is basically an all season product, so long as the ground is not frozen. This fact has great ramifications to our growing industries regarding how they grow, where they grow and the quality of what they grow: treated crops and plants survive their off seasons better, and come on stronger and healthier when their season begins; increased yields and earlier harvests is also being regularly achieved; reduction of water usage and reduction or elimination of environmentally harmful chemicals is now a possibility. These are just a few benefits that no other products or methods have been able to achieve up to now.

   T & J Enterprises has also made some original discoveries and has developed application solutions to them for the consuming public. Here are just a few:

____________________Fairy Ring Lawn Disease

Link to information

    We have completed a one year test on several Fairy Rings in the Spokane area with great success. BioVam helps healthy grass grow throughout the dead zone of Fairy Rings. An Environmentally friendly, natural solution to Fairy Ring problems using Organic products. With BioVam, the grass is now empowered to out compete with the Fairy Ring fungi. We have documented the breakdown of the deep soil "hydrophobic" effects of the Fairy Ring fungi and its surface matt, the medium and process it uses to protect itself. The other effects of Fairy Rings, such as dark nitrogen greening, wide spread appearance of mushrooms, repeated killing of new grass have been radically reduced or stopped altogether.

    This is an applied research and news first:  we know of no other non-chemical environmentally and soil friendly, workable and repeatable solution anywhere in the world. This is an original applied research finding of T & J Enterprises.

    We feel confident enough in our findings and methods that we are now offering it as an application solution to the general public.

____________________Necrotic Ring Lawn Disease

Link to information

    Again, at several sites throughout Spokane, we have successfully empowered the grass to overgrow long established Necrotic Rings. A similar process as with Fairy Rings is used. The spread of these rings have been stopped, and their appearance overgrown. Again, this is an applied research first from T & J Enterprises.

    We feel confident enough in our findings and methods that we are now offering it as an application solution to the general public.

     See also our general BioVam Grown lawn care:

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    And BioVam Grown Lawn Maintenance:

Link to organic lawn maintenance

____________________Field performance of BioVam Mycorrhiza at Chinabend Vineyards, Winery and Organic Gardens.

   Results on mature established Vineyards:
Chardonnay grapes


 Dramatic health responses, vine improvement and Grape enhancements are being achieved through our "BioVam Grown living system" methods.

Results on new plants:

    First year Leon Millot are achieving growth responses equal to second year plants after only 3 - 4 months. This is consistent throughout all 600 first year plants that were treated with BioVam Mycorrhiza.

    It has been proven that BioVam Mycorrhiza can bring new Grape Vines into production one and a half years sooner. Considering the huge explosion of the Vineyard - Winery industry in Washington State, the impact of our discoveries on our state economy and the Grape growing industry will be staggering. Again, T & J Enterprises is the only Bio-organic company to have proven that the health and productivity of long established, mature grape vines (as well as mature plants and trees) is achievable without any harm to the plants. This ability of BioVam Mycorrhiza to quickly and dramatically improve the health and quality of long established mature plants and trees will positively impact the production, savings and earnings for our growing industries.

    These improvements and benefits derive out of "plant health responses", not out of "chemically forced responses". There is a "big" difference in how both of these methods work and what they can achieve.

    Because of the dramatic effects being produced, the owner of Chinabend has committed to "BioVaming" his entire growing operations.

    See also, BioVam Grown Raspberries at Chinabend:

   For more information on these breaking stories, please contact us below.

T & J Enterprises
2328 West Providence Ave
Spokane, WA. 99205
Thomas Giannou


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