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Using BioVam  Mycorrhiza

Eight easy steps to restoring your lawns natural beauty.

This process of applying BioVam  and overseeding to fairy rings is part of the total integrated lawn care program of "BioVam  Grown" lawns.

Items you will need:
BioVam  Mycorrhiza.
*An appropriate Fertilizer.
Grass seed.

Application rates specifically for Fairy Ring areas are:

ONE QUART of BioVam  will treat an area of 1,000 square feet.
ONE PINT of BioVam  will treat an area of 500 square feet.

Square off the area(s) to be treated for easier application of BioVam  onto infected turf.
Our eight-step process is a heavier, more focused application of BioVam  in the Fairy Ring areas. This process results in faster mycorrhizal root colonization and soil water penetration in a more focused area. This process is easily maintained thereafter throughout your lawn using our "BioVam  Grown" turf management program.
We recommend the entire lawn be core aerated and treated with BioVam  Mycorrhiza and an appropriate organic Fertilizer, so you don’t end up chasing Fairy Rings around the turf as they progress to more accommodating soil conditions where they can grow more easily. Being a fungus, Fairy Ring spores can easily spread to uninfected areas.
STEP 1: Measure a rectangular area around the Fairy Ring. Keep all edges a minimum of three feet away from the outer edge of the Fairy Ring. Thoroughly core or spike aerate this area. This penetrates the mycelium matt on top of the Fairy Ring habitat(s) and allows the BioVam  Mycorrhiza and organic fertilizer to enter the soil and have better contact with live grass roots. This allows an even penetration of water over the treated area.
Step 2: Power-rake or manually rake the entire Fairy Ring area that is to be treated. This helps remove dead grass, moss, mushrooms, and other impeding organic material that may be present on the turf surface. Wash tools in bleach.
Step 3: Use a pitchfork to poke holes into the turf throughout the entire area and within the Fairy Ring dead zone, going outside it three or more feet in all directions.
Step 4: Apply BioVam  at the rate of one quart per 1,000 square feet of turf. Mix the correct volume of BioVam  required for each rectangular area with an equal amount of sand, which is used as a carrier. For these areas of turf to be treated, add an appropriate amount of grass seed to be mixed in with the BioVam / sand mixture. Match the seed up with what you already have in your turf.
Step 5: Use a quality drop spreader, such as Scots , set at 4 or 5 to drop the BioVam, sand and grass seed "evenly" over the entire surface of the lawn. Go over the area until all of the product and grass seed has been dispensed. Do not hand spread this mixture, coverage will be uneven and it may effect your results.
Step 6: Apply an appropriate organic fertilizer at recommended rates. *
Step 7: Water in the BioVam, sand, seed and organic fertilizer application. If the soil does not drain well, make a series of frequent short length watering sessions. We don’t want to wash this application off the existing turf. We want to have it evenly soak into the turf.
Step 8: Water the turf each day to keep it moist until the seed germinates and starts growing. Do not let treated areas dry out - keep them moist.
Notes: It is normal for mushrooms and darker green grass to come and go as this process takes effect and empowers the new and old grass with more vigor and vitality.
* Appropriate Fertilizers:
Use of BioVam  Mycorrhiza requires that turf fertilizers NOT HAVE a phosphorus percentage higher than 2% by weight.
  Higher levels of phosphorus are detrimental to the Mycorrhiza fungi.
Examples of appropriate fertilizers:  Biosol Forte 7-2-1, Biosol 6-1-3
Annual Maintenance
Saturating soils with water is what destroys Fairy Ring habitats. Annual applications of BioVam  Mycorrhiza to your turf grass helps keep the soil loosened up so that water from rain and irrigation can easily saturate the soil. It is that sustained water penetration that prevents the spread or reappearance of Fairy Rings.
BioVam’s  Mycorrhiza also sustains the vitality and vigor of turf grass root systems. Annual application of BioVam  and organic fertilizers produces great looking BioVam  Grown lawns.
The Bioorganic Process
The Mycorrhiza in BioVam  establishes a symbiotic relationship with existing turf grass roots and with sprouting grass seed that has been applied. As this process increases, the Mycorrhiza hyphe is also growing and moving through the soil, breaking down Organics, softening and aerating the soil as it moves. At the same time it is penetrating into the hydrophobic (water proofed) areas of the Fairy Ring. New and established grass roots will follow this process. Earthworm populations begin returning and assist in aeration, additional water penetration, and organic recycling.
All of that intrusion allows much higher levels of water penetration. The Fairy Ring fungi can not live in a water penetrated habitat. If the entire lawn has been treated, there is no place for the Fairy Ring fungi to thrive.
Where once there was an unsightly scar, new grass is thriving as the grass naturally overgrows the dead zones. This regenerating biosphere is also being well fertilized with the organic fertilizer.
These are only a few of the benefits of a "BioVam  Grown" lawn!
Regarding BioVam's viability, quality and packaged quantity:

We guarantee the viability, quality and packaged quantity of our products.  It is highly probable that superior responses in plant growth, health and yield will occur from their use.  Due to the variability of soils and conditions found in various locations and their affects on plant and soil responsiveness to our products, we cannot guarantee all these benefits will occur in all locations and situations.  BioVam 's viability is guaranteed for one year from date of shipping from the manufacture, B. Probiotics.
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