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Frequently Asked Questions About
the "Spider Elimination Kit®"
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Q: What do I do if the trap gets stuck on a pet, furniture, a rug etc?


Apply water to the trap surface to loosen it from pets, furniture, rugs etc.   Check first to see if any Spiders or insects are stuck to the trap.  You may want to kill spiders first before dealing with the trap being stuck to something.
Q: How long will the trap last when stored in the shipping box in the retail store?


They should last many years if kept from freezing and/or high heat.


Q: How long will the trap last when the traps are on display in a store?


Same as above. Unopened packages have a long shelf life in stores.


Q: How long will the trap last when it is laid out flat?


Once the outer paper is removed the trap will last 3 month, less if it gets filled up with dust. If you have your traps placed in high dust areas such as a work shop, cover them with a box or remove them temporarily until the dust has settled.


Q: How long will the trap last when it is deployed in its folded position?


Same as above. Even though the folded trap will tend to keep dust from collecting on the traps adhesive surface, in high dust producing areas cover or remove the trap(s) until it has settled.


Q: If my trap doesn't seem to be catching spiders or insects what can I do to improve its performance?


Move it to another location. If it is still not catching anything after a week or so chances are you have nothing in the area to catch. Which is good when it comes to the Hobo and Brown Recluse Spiders, since they are strongly attracted to the trap.


Q: What kind of insects will the trap catch?


Anything that will cross it's path. We have even had them catch mice, which is why we are coming out (about the end of 1999) with our "Mouse and Rat Elimination Kit".


Q: What time of the year is best to use the trap?



For the HOBO Spider, July - October, the months of year they are most active. For other insects, anytime. If you have a problem with the Hobo and or Brown Recluse it's good sense to keep them out year round.


Q: If I have several traps in my store's storage room for a couple of  years, will the traps still be good to sell and use?


Yes if they have been protected from freezing and/or high heat.


Q: Is there any problem with sending the traps through the US Mail?


No, as they are not a harmful or hazardous substance. (See our MSDS).


Q: Is there any problem sending the trap overseas? Any customs restrictions?


None that we are aware of, there is no problem with sending them to Canada, and are unaware of any problems anywhere else, as there are no hazardous or toxic properties to our traps. If in doubt check with your country's local customs office. (See our MSDS).


Q: How do I properly dispose of the trap once it is filled with insects?


Carefully fold it into itself and place in your outside trash. For extra protection, if there may be insects still alive, you could put it in a zip lock bag. Use common sense and care when handling any sort of trap that catches pests "alive". Never throw traps unfolded or surfaced exposed with spiders into your inside garbage can, where others may push down on it with their bare hands, or where kids or pets may get into it.


Q: Are there any environmental conditions that would cause the trap to be less effective?


If they are subject to a lot of dust that would collect on the adhesive and cause it to be less sticky. High heat and/or freezing.


Q: What do I do if I get bit when disposing of the trap? What do I take with me to the emergency?


Take the trap with you so the physician can positively identify the insect and know how to treat. Place trap and spider into a Zip Loc Bag.


Q: If I take pictures of my traps with spiders and bugs on it, who do I send them to?
A: Send your hard copy pictures to T & J Enterprises, 2328 W. Providence Ave., Spokane, Washington, 99205 USA. 

Send your computer pictures to thomas@tandjenterprises.com. Please send an email FIRST stating you have pictures to send to either above address BEFORE sending your pictures.

All pictures become the © copyright property of Mountain Bluebird Products, and may be freely used without recompense on both companies web sites, in their official product literature and promotions. Customer names will not be used in conjunction with any picture submitted unless requested and submitted in writing by said customer to either Mountain Bluebird Products or T & J Enterprises.


Q: What is the manufacture guarantee on "The Spider Elimination Kit?"
A: 30 day money back guarantee or replacement on defective kit, no questions asked, cost of kit only. We require original proof of purchase receipts, facsimiles are not accepted. No refund on postage. Customer must mail the full kit (all traps in kit) to the address below, with their full name, mailing address and (RA) number written on a 3 x 5 card and enclosed in return package so our quality control can examine the traps for possible manufacturing problems. Customer is responsible for return postage.

To return a defective spider kit, please follow these steps:

  1. Call 1-509-327-7670 to receive a (RA) return authorization number.
  2. Write your (RA) number on the outside of the return package, e.g., RA# 1234.
  3. Attach your original proof of purchase receipt (facsimiles are not accepted) to a 3 x 5 card with your (RA) number and full name and mailing address written on it.
  4. Enclose your 3 x 5 card and receipt within your return package.
  5. Mail your package to:

T & J Enterprises
c/o Thomas Giannou
2328 West Providence Ave.
Spokane, Washington 99205

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