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PRESS RELEASE - T & J Enterprises
Released by:
Thomas Giannou
Toll Free: 888-769-3878
Release location:
World Wide
Release date:
Friday, 9am, 6/25/1999

We are celebrating our first year on the world wide web!

In appreciation of all our customers world wide, we are giving away to every 100th purchaser of our BioVam product, one quart of BioVam free (postage paid), until the end of 1999!

Who are we?

Our company, T&J Enterprises, based out of Spokane, Washington distributes BioVam Mycorrhiza and Organic fertilizers for home lawns, gardens, commercial growers and to importing countries. BioVam Mycorrhiza naturally increases the health, vitality and quality of 90% of the earths plants, and enriches your soil.

Our company deals with the distribution and practical application research issues of BioVam Mycorrhiza plant and soil biotics and inoculant. We publish original (see our microscopic Grape pictures, e.g.) practical research, providing down to earth home, garden and commercial application information and resources for the general consumer and commercial growers, while leading the scientific community in several as yet unexplored areas of research.

BioVam Mycorrhiza naturally increases the health, vitality and quality of plants, while increasing root biomass, disease resistance, water retention, resistance to insects and environmental stresses.

BioVam is an approved material under Washington State department of agriculture organic food program. BioVam is 100% organic, environmentally and contact safe.  Providing a clean and safe "Living System" for all your growing needs.

Whether you are a backyard gardener or large commercial grower, when you use BioVam Mycorrhiza on your plants, your yields will go up, your costs will go down - and, your produce will be better tasting and healthier for you and for your customers.

BioVam Mycorrhiza, invented and manufactured by B. Probiotics, distributed by T & J Enterprises - leading the industry to cleaner, healthier ways to grow.  We are bringing the latest and best Agri-biotic technology (BioVam Mycorrhiza) to the end consumer with a results and benefits approach. Our methods not only saves the public time and money over traditional chemical methods, but is a technology that does not add to the input of chemical  pollutants into our ground waters, water ways and soils - and, ultimately into the foods we all eat.

Consider what this means to our State, County and City governments; to our schools; to our landscaping and lawn care industries; to our growing fields and orchards. BioVam Mycorrhiza is on the cutting edge of the radical advancements and changes being mandated within our agricultural and growing industries, as well as to the homeowner with their lawns and gardens.  BioVam Mycorrhiza stands not just as an example of "an alternative" to those inputs, but is the best of the leading edge technology that is available, and is moving rapidly to "replace" those inputs.

Now "that" is news!

Thomas Giannou

T & J Enterprises
2328 West Providence Ave
Spokane, WA 99205

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