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PRESS RELEASE - T & J Enterprises http://tandjenterprises.com - The Mycorrhiza Project

Released by:
Thomas Giannou
Toll Free:  888-769-3878
Release location:
World Wide
Release date:
Friday, 9am, 6/25/1999

The Mycorrhiza Project

T&J Enterprises of Spokane has brought together products manufactured by Biovam's inventor, Brock Probiotics of California and Rocky Mountain Bio-Products, Inc., of Colorado to help eliminate a major portion of the pollution entering our Aquifers, waterways and runoff into surface waters. Our products are a replacement to the use of the majority of growing related chemical products being used by homeowners, businesses, our agricultural industry, city, county, state and federal governments and school districts. The consensus of those who monitor ground water pollution and pollution runoff is that a high percentage of it originates from home lawns and gardens and other turf grass management and agricultural methods, which rely upon these chemicals. Widespread use of our products will dramatically reduce and eliminate these inputs and move us well along to solving the problem.

The Mycorrhiza Project is about creating a broad based partnership involving the Press, Environmentalists, the Chemical Companies, the Federal, State and Local Governments, the School Districts, Private Enterprise, and Individuals. It encompasses and involves all levels of our society in eradicating a major part of one of our longest standing problems: pollution of our foods, soil and water from chemicals used on farms, gardens and lawns.

Locally, the issue is protecting our Aquifer, rivers and lakes from ground based pollutants. We believe that only through multi-levels of involvement, the issue of protecting our Aquifer and waterways will easily become a cost-effective reality. But the scope of The Mycorrhiza Project is not limited in impact to our local problems - the issues and problems are national and worldwide.

BioVam? - Biotic - Mycorrhiza Soil and Root Inoculant and Biosol Forte 7-2-1 Organic Fertilizer, as answers and solutions to the above issues are irrefutable. Our products represent and provide both economic and social motivation to clean up our environment and improve our quality of life. These two products provide for truly healthy, productive and safe growing methods and out perform anything on the market today. They provide and produce benefits and results unmatched by chemical growing methods without the dangerous side effects of polluting our soils, Aquifers and waterways or runoff waters with commercial agricultural and home use chemicals.

In the past, there have been cooperative ventures and projects in which all facets of government, private enterprise and the individual had the same singular goal and vested interest in achieving. Remarkable among them was the Polio Vaccination efforts of the 1950's.

Now, 50 years later, we have another major public health problem: chemical pollution of our environment, our food supplies and the waters below and above ground. Its dangers and effects are not arguable. We now have a solution, which will eliminate a major part of this pollution, and restore balance to much of the damage that has been done. As with the Polio Vaccination effort, we all can and must work together to put a halt to ground water and runoff pollution. Our organic products replace the use of polluting chemicals. We have an answer. We have a solution. And, we believe we have the will and desire and infrastructure to put it into effect.

The news media has a responsibility to provide accurate and timely reports on issues that effect and concern us all. Recently there aired a local news story on the dangers of chemical contamination of the skins of our fruits and vegetables from pesticides, etc., used by agriculture so we could have "healthy looking" produce. We were informed that those toxins are poisoning us and are a danger to our health. The newsperson said that the best precaution was to peel all our fruits and vegetables to decrease the amounts and levels of toxins ingested. Suggesting that "most" of the toxins remain on the peel. No mention was made, however, to what amounts of toxins get into the flesh of the fruits and vegetables. And no viable solution was offered beyond peeling them. This is not an answer, nor should we settle for it as the only thing we can do as was suggested in that news report. Our news media now have the answer and not only have "good news" to report - about our ability to solve these issues - but have the responsibility to report that there "is" a solution and replacement to one of our most serious and long standing problems. Let them join as a partner by informing people of it.

The chemical providers have a responsibility for they are at the brunt of the governmental mandates (and everyone's complaints) to find and offer a replacement. This solution "does not" displace any industry. It does, however, offer them a chance to be responsible business leaders and show that anyone can adapt and be successful with its use and application. The methods and technologies to apply our products already exist within those industries - massive retooling is not necessary for them to begin using our products. The cost effectiveness to them and to their customer base is proven. And the "reasons" for them to begin using our products are clear. We have the answer. Let them join as a partner in this solution and revitalize our environment.

The environmentalists have a responsibility for their prime concern is our environment and our interaction with the environment. Now they have an answer, a solution and a replacement to point to and offer, instead of just saying don't do this and stop doing that. We have a viable replacement on the market, within everyone's means to afford. Environmentalists have "the reasons" why we all should be using our products. Our products achieve more than stop inputs of many pollutants into our environment. Our products achieve and produce results beyond anything used today can equal or offer in "bettering" our environment. Our products offer a radical cultural change, positive beyond anyone's dreams with a sound foundation upon which to stand. We have the answer. Let them join as partners in implementing this solution and informing people of it.

The Federal government has a responsibility and is mandating that all levels of government and industry address and solve their local pollution issues, and because some of the land over our Aquifers, within our watersheds and near our waterways is under "their" jurisdiction and care, they are polluting it.

State governments have a responsibility because much of the land and roads, watersheds and waterways are under their control, jurisdiction and care. And they are polluting them. We have the answer. Let them join as a partner in this solution.

County governments have a responsibility because even more of our lands, roadways, watersheds and waterways are under their control, jurisdiction and care. And they are polluting them. We have the answer. Let them join as a partner in this solution.

City governments have a responsibility because they are "the" major player responsible for protection of our local lands, Aquifers, watersheds and waterways and responsible for the welfare and health of the citizens who are dependent on them, who use and live near them. Because our cities are our biggest local landowners and landlords their need for an answer, a solution and replacement to the inputs of chemicals from their own hands is rightly a major concern within our communities. Cities have the responsibility to lead the way and be proactive in joining as a partner in the solution. Government, by example, will help quickly solve a major part of the chemical pollution problems. Will establish a model for the rest of the community, and the rest of the nation to follow. They now have the answer. Let them join as a leading partner in this solution.

School Districts have a responsibility to teach and care for our children. When chemical fertilizers are added to the lawns around our schools, many schools keep the children inside for a couple of days. They know our children are not safe from chemicals being applied to those lawns. They know those chemicals are contributing to our pollution issues. We have the answer. Let them join as a partner in this solution.

Private enterprise has a responsibility because through their businesses, their lands and farms are inputting chemicals into our soils, our Aquifers, waterways and runoff waters, and our foods. Practices and chemicals for which they now have replacements, but moreover, can now offer to their customers as an answer and solution to their chemical concerns, and for themselves a replacement for the pollutants being used to grow our foods commercially. They will raise the quality and health of their produce and their yields within the same growing space while stopping their inputs of pollution into our Aquifer. We have the answer. Let them join with government as partners in solving the problem and implementing the solution.

The individual homeowner has a responsibility because through their lawns and gardens they are pouring the single greatest input of chemicals into our soils, our foods, our waterways and our Aquifers. Until now, they have never had - except by going without - an answer, a replacement, and a viable and quality cost effective solution available for their use. The public is truly and honestly concerned and has long yearned for an answer, a solution and quality replacement for their chemical usage. We have the answer. Let them join as the single most important partner in solving these issues and problems and implementing the solution to chemical pollution into our soils, Aquifers, waterways and runoff waters.

We are talking about a partnership wherein all partners "win".

We submit there is something seriously wrong with the picture and practice of having to be "cautious" because of the chemicals in our foods and on our lawns, and that it is time to change it. There "is" now an answer and solution to the issues of toxins in our food, water and general growing environment. A viable and quality replacement and solution is available to having to scrub and peel and "take precautions" with our fruits and vegetables. We submit, there is a way to get "healthy looking" vegetables, fruits, plants, lawns, trees, flowers and environment - and that way is through the use of our products and enhanced growing methods. With BioVam? - Biotic - Mycorrhiza soil and root inoculant and Biosol Forte Organic Fertilizer, they "will" be healthy looking because they "are" healthy, and because "they can now be grown that way". There will be no toxins on or within them because there are none within our products. We will have a healthier and cleaner environment because "that" is what the use of these products directly and quickly achieves. As a result, our quality of life improves.

Our environment should be a pleasant place in which to live, work and experience, and not a place wrought with hazards in which the only solutions are to scrub and peel away their effects, hoping that we got it all, fearing that we didn't. With our products there are no such hazards and concerns.

This is what The Mycorrhiza Project and our products are all about. They represent and provide a cleaner and healthier way to grow and they provide many environmental benefits and results producing an immediate and sustained cleaner and healthier environment and Eco system in which to grow our plants and for people to live. We must all become partners in that process.

Thomas Giannou
T&J Enterprises
Spokane, Washington
February 20, 1999

  Copyright 1999, T and J Enterprises. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


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