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PRESS RELEASE from: T & J Enterprises, tandjenterprises.com

Released by: Thomas Giannou
Toll Free: 888-769-3878

Release location: World Wide
Release date: Thursday, 9am, 7/8/1999

Growing with BioVam Mycorrhiza:

T&J Enterprises supplies and distributes BioVam Mycorrhiza and Biosol Forte 7-2-1 Organic fertilizers for home lawns, gardens, commercial growers and importing countries.  Our company deals with the distribution and practical application research issues of BioVam Mycorrhiza plant and soil biotic and inoculant.  We publish original (see our microscopic Grape pictures, etc) practical research, providing down to earth home, garden and commercial application information and resources for the general consumer, while leading the scientific community in several as yet unexplored areas of research.  BioVam Mycorrhiza naturally increases soil quality as well as the health, vitality and quality of plants, by increasing root biomass, resistance to diseases, water retention, resistance to insects and resistance to environmental stresses.  Our products are 100% organic, environmentally and contact safe, a clean and safe "Living System" for all your growing needs. 

We invite you to visit our web site and explore the possibilities of your company using BioVam Mycorrhiza in your growing operations; how it can cut growing production costs and increase plant health and yields on new and established plants.

BioVam Mycorrhiza raises the health and quality of turf grasses, vineyards, apple trees, shade trees, citrus trees, Raspberries, Strawberries, Tomatoes and other fruit and vegetable plants. Producing larger more robust and flavorful produce. Flower gardens, roses, office-house plants, ornamentals, grains, grasses, alfalfa, lentils, potatoes, onions, herbs, bulbs and many other plants are benefited too, and is excellent for soil building and reclamation projects.

BioVam Mycorrhiza is a perfect compliment for your growing needs. From the start, you are establishing a lower maintenance, higher performing end result with a dramatic drop in losses due to transplant shock, extremes of weather and erratic soil conditions - decreasing time spent on fulfilling your growing needs. BioVam can be applied at any time of the year, so long as the ground is not frozen. It is not seasonal dependent.

The documentation of the internal vascular changes of the Mycorrhiza host plants is original research. We have bridged the gaps between science and understanding application and use by end consumers, by proving that BioVam helps develop levels of health and nutrient flow far faster and more progressively through the plant structure than conventual methods can achieve. Thus wholesalers and retailers will cut their losses on damaged plants, increasing their yields and sales because they will have healthier plants, stronger plants, more resistant plants - beautiful plants! And consistently so. If you are marketing produce those same kinds of benefits are reflected in your end product with healthier more robust and flavorful produce - because healthier, stronger more resistant plants grow higher quality produce.

A competitive edge is the biggest bottom line here. BioVam Mycorrhiza naturally gives treated plants an edge over traditional care methods. You will be leading the industry into an entirely new way of growing. It is indeed a "Living System" for all your growing needs. Providing cleaner, healthier ways to grow.

Thomas Giannou
T & J Enterprises.
Toll Free: 888-769-3878
---------------------------Contact Information:

If you have questions you'd like to talk over, please call: 888-769-3878.  Ask for Tom Giannou.

-----------------------T & J Enterprises "In The News!"

See our ad in the American Rose Society Magazine: http://www.ars.org/

-----------------------Announcement: Landscapers - Lawn Care Providers:

If you would like to explore enhancing your operations by adding the potentials of the natural Bio-organic field to your business, contact us at: (888-769-3878) for a free consultation on how you can expand your businesses potential and profits while providing cleaner, healthier ways to grow.

---------------------------Request For Link Exchange:

Our link text should read: "T & J Enterprises - Supplying BioVam Mycorrhiza - A "Living System" for all your growing needs. Providing cleaner, healthier ways to grow." When you have put our URL up send us yours.

---------------------------Other Press Releases:

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---------------------------City Partners:

We are currently talking with the cities of Spokane, WA. and Seattle, WA. concerning the large scale use of BioVam Mycorrhiza by their cities. We will be working with other cities soon. Feel free to pass "The Mycorrhiza Project" press release - or others - along to your local elected officials and Mayors.

---------------------------A Note About Our Releases:

Our press releases are designed to inform on the issues of bringing science into practical application and use by end consumers about our findings on BioVam Mycorrhiza.

If you have received a duplicate of this press release please accept our apologies. We do not use mass e mailers, email lists or email companies.  All emails are selected off public Internet sites and sent only to those we feel would have a valid interest in or use for our press release information about our findings or use for our products and research - or in sharing that information with others by linking to us. If you would rather not receive any more releases please let me know and I will try to make sure none are sent to you.

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