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BioVam comes in one texture type and one viability classification.

The one texture type is as follows:

          Regular Grade:  The product is screened at a larger size, then mixed with small miracle rock.  Most farm machinery and garden equipment will use this size.  This is also a good size for mixing into soil amendments and nursery potting soils.  Another use could be broadcasting over fields before seeding, or over areas to be immediately planted with sod, groundcover, bedding plants, or hydro-seeded.  Please see the product label and protocols for more information.

Note: The regular grade product can be sifted to remove larger particles of clay which can be ground and tossed back into the product.  This would make the product finer for use in certain kinds of dispensing equipment.

One viability type is available for the product as follows:

        Processed Inocula:  Due to the proprietary nature of the process, the details are not given as to how the Inocula is treated.  The Inocula is primarily spore and hypne material and requires more time to infect plants.  The shelf life is two years from the date of shipping.  Processed inoculum should be used for retail sales or long term crop production.

BioVam Product in a pile.

This is what the regular grade BioVam product looks like.

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