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Apr 08 2011

Organic Gardening Kit with BioMinerals from T&J Enterprises

Introducing our Organic Gardening Kit, now with BioMinerals from T&J Enterprises.

Organic Gardening Kit (One gallon Microbe Tea Brewer version).

Our Organic Garden Kit contains the plant nutrients and soil life products you need to grow high quality plants at good and excellent brix levels.

This is the ultimate goal everyone is after who grows their own food: When you eat a variety of high quality food it means your health will improve.

Everyone can now easily grow a variety of high quality fruits and vegetables with our Organic Gardening Kit.

Contents of Organic Gardening Kit:

Organic Gardening Kit, with BioMinerals

Organic Gardening Kit, with BioMinerals











BioVam Mycorrhiza root enhancer, 1 pint (96 tsp).
BioMinerals 2.5 – 4 – .2, 18.8 Lbs.
Microbe Tea Brewer, 1 gallon.
Yucca Extract, 1 pint.
5 Gallon: Bucket, Lid, Filter Bag.
Modified Hose Sprayer, 1 qt.

How to use this Gardening Kit:

Prepare the soil by growing cover crops or applying finished compost.

Spray with Microbe Tea and till the compost or cover crop into the soil.

Apply BioVam onto plant roots and seeds when planting.

Weekly, brew Microbe Tea, add Yucca Extract and BioMinerals and spray on plants and soils.

After the 24 hour brewing cycle is finished, BioMinerals and Yucca are added to the brewed microbe tea. The tea may then be applied using a hose end sprayer. The tea can also be diluted 1:9 with water and commercial spray equipment can be used to apply the tea to Plants and Soils each week.

Application Using the Modified Hose End Sprayer: Put ½ gallon of filtered tea into a 5 gallon bucket. Add ½ gallon of water. Add 1/8 cup Yucca Extract. Add 1 cup of BioMinerals. Each quart of this tea will cover 340 square feet of plants and soils.

How this system works:

Nature’s Own Growing System Microbe tea makes the nutrients from the BioMinerals 2.5 – 4 – .2 fertilizer available to the plants.

After the second weekly spraying, the soil pH will go to 6.4 and energy available in the soil will be above 500 ERGS. The available mineral nutrients in the Microbe tea will have a strong buffering effect on the soil and the nutrients will remain available in the soil and to the plants.

With the help of the Mycorrhiza fungi and beneficial bacteria in BioVam, and the hyper active soil life biology and chelated minerals of our Microbe Tea, biologically dead soils can be revived, recharged and re-mineralized in 1-2 weeks.

Plants will grow to have higher brix levels and much higher nutrient density levels due to the higher production of plant nutrients and the uptake and utilization of those nutrients by the plants. The specific gravity (nutrient density) of these plants can be significantly higher than in conventionally grown produce.

Once the higher energy levels have been set in the soils from the BioMinerals energy sources, weeds will not grow. The higher energy levels will be in place by the 1st or 2nd application of the Microbe Tea to the soils.

By thoroughly spraying the dormant wood of fruit bearing trees and berry shrubs once or more with our Microbe Tea product, before bud break with only Yucca Extract added, the buds and blossoms will be protected from late frosts.

Plants will also be protected from early frosts with subsequent weekly applications of the complete tea, which contains Yucca and BioMinerals, from initial planting through end of harvest to plants and soils.

Even though BioMinerals 2.5 – 4 – .2 can be mixed into the soils at a rate of 1.25 cups per square foot, we recommend that you do not mix the fertilizer into the soils. Much higher nutrient availability and far less BioMinerals fertilizer is used by mixing the BioMinerals into the Microbe Tea with Yucca Extract and spraying that Microbe Tea on the plants and soils each week.

To order online please visit our shopping cart or call us toll free order line at 888-769-3878. If you have any questions please feel free to call 509-327-7670 or by email at

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May 04 2010

About our Organic Gardening Kit

A little more about our Organic Gardening Kit.

We have brought to and merged with organic gardeninghigh performance growing“.  High quality, high brix and nutrient dense fruits, vegetables and greens is a reality now available to the average family. But these benefits apply to all plants grown using this system not just for food production.

Simply put, these are premium organic products, brought together as an easy to use kit and work together as a high performance synergistic system!

What is it?
 This is an enhanced high performance natural / organic growing system
 For growing extremely healthy plants
 For producing nutrient packed vegetables, fruits and greens
 Where both plant and produce are resistant to:
 Environmental cold / heat extremes
 Drought stresses
 And poor soil issues
 Why use / buy it, what will it do for me?
 To grow, eat and become healthier for having done so. That is the prime goal of all gardeners. It is that simple.
 Five reasons to use Natures Own Growing System Organic Gardening Kit:
 1. Fruits and vegetables have longer shelf life staying fresh long after harvest.
 2. Affordable saves hundreds of dollars on your annual food bill: higher yields, stops spoilage, no waste.
 3. A system that grows higher quality plants, resistant to insects, diseases, frost, heat and drought.
 4. This system produces nutrient rich foods; allowing you to grow, eat, and be healthier.
 5. A system that enhances the environment around you: safe around children, wildlife and water.
 How do I use it?
 Easy as 1, 2, 3.
 Part goes into the soil where you plant
 Part goes on the root ball or under seeds when planting
 Part is sprayed on plant and surrounding soil weekly from initial planting through end of harvest
 How many plants will it do, how far will it go?
Grows 28 major plants (like tomatoes, peppers Etc); or cover 28 square feet or two 4×4 raised beds for square foot gardening or 28 4 inch wide by 8 foot long furrow rows: this growing system is adaptable to all growing methods. However you like to grow, this system fits your methods.
 What can it be used on?
 This growing system is good for all plants be they vegetables, flowers, shrubs, trees, houseplants or lawns – everything.

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