How to achieve high brix tomatoes

How to achieve high brix tomatoes.

Customer, BillSF9c writes:

“Any suggestions to increase the brix level to at least 8 for tomatoes next season?”



Would 10-13 brix for large tomatoes and 15-20 brix for the smaller grape tomatoes be okay? Of course it would.

Prepare your soils using good organic practices. Dig a slightly larger hole for the plant then you normally do.

Although mixing BioMinerals into the soil is really unnecessary now with our growing system it will make more energy available to the plant roots down the line in its growth as the plants roots move into it and as the bacteria in our tea reach it, you can mix one to two cups of BioMinerals into the soil you dug out when making this hole. However, it will not become available to the plants until the microbe tea comes in contact with it and the bacteria make the nutrients and energy available.

Next, put up to 1-tablespoon of BioVam on your plant roots and plant your tomato plant.

Every three days to weekly brew up our microbe tea for 24 hours, filter it, add ¼ cup of yucca extract per gallon of tea, then stir in 2 cups BioMinerals. Use our hose end sprayer (we modify them to dilute the tea properly) and apply the undiluted tea to the plants and soil around the plants.

Set up a drip irrigation system to deliver water periodically during the day. ½ hour every 2 hours seems to work fine for the drip line.

We grew some tomato plants in ½ wine barrels that held 3 cubic feet of soil with a 2 square foot surface area. The plants can go as high as 10 feet and then will loop back down to the ground.

It’s important with this system to apply the microbe tea mixed with BioMinerals and yucca extract every three days to weekly. We are using bacteria as a resource to make minerals bio-available in the tea so when it is sprayed on the plants the nutrients go directly into the plant, and the plant can draw on them from the soil as the plant needs them in between spraying throughout its life cycle.

This method is making the minerals bio-available so the plants can uptake them immediately and as it needs them to produce the energy plants live on.

The compound mineral colloids from the hard rock phosphate in our microbe tea and added BioMinerals feed bacteria which make the nutrients used by the plants to build up their cellular structures. Only compound mineral colloids will allow plants to become healthy so bugs and diseases will not eat up the plants. Ordinary mineral compounds will go into plants but they result in weak plants without the compound mineral colloids. Truly healthy plants are possible only when the compound mineral colloids are present to build most of the plant.

In our tea the acids from the bacteria and fungi and plant roots solubalize the minerals so the minerals can react and generate the energy the plants live on.

Compound mineral colloids are important for plant, animal and human health.  These colloids can quickly be placed on the plants frequency and immediately be used to build plant tissues. You will see your plants grow larger and faster when the compound mineral colloids in hard rock phosphate are made available to the plants. Mycorrhiza fungi work well to transfer the compound mineral colloids into the plants from the soil.

It is not unusual to see annual production levels of 200 to 400 tomatoes per plant for the growing season. It’s also not unusual to see tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, crook neck squash, and cucumbers produce ripe fruit in under 30 days. High brix results is normal for this method of growing plants. We have also used this method to raise the brix of our turf grasses to 14 brix.

When sufficient minerals are reacting in the soils and the ergs approach 450, we find that most weeds will not grow in the soils with our plants. When the ergs are driven from calcium reacting with other minerals in the soil, the weeds do not like to live in such soils. They won’t start growing in those soils until the minerals start dropping into the soil profile and diluting out at the surface.

If you are doing soil tests, they can cause you to do the wrong things in your soils. No soil test will tell what kind of mineral compounds are present and no soil test will tell you if compound mineral colloids are present in your soils. If the compound mineral colloids are low in the soil, the plants will be weak and bugs and diseases will be there to consume your plants. And eating such food will result in animals and humans that will become weaker and unhealthy. This is the main reason why we have so much illness that is derived from eating low quality food which fills the stores all over the world.

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High Brix Carrots, 15.5

In September 2009 we achieved 15.5 brix carrots grown by Hirschel Heritage Farm

Please note: due to this growers economic situation they have not used our growing system ending about 2012. Therefore we can no longer vouch for the brix levels and quality of any of this growers produce, nor can we recommend their produce.

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15.5 brix reading on carrots
15.5 brix reading on carrots









15.5 brix carrots.
15.5 brix carrots.