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Orgone-Eloptic Scalar Energy Radiating Devices

Dr. Wilhelm Reich is credited with coming up with the name "Orgone Energy".   Dr. Thomas Galen Hieronymus independently encountered the same energy and named it Eloptic energy because it also had certain electrical properties and optical properties.  This energy was not "discovered" by Dr. Reich or Dr. Hieronymus.  The pyramids around the world have been found to be rather large radiators of this energy and were used centuries ago to support agriculture, livestock health, and human health.  So, out of respect for the work of Dr. Wilhelm Reich and Dr. Thomas Galen Hieronymus, we call our devices Orgone-Eloptic Scalar Energy Radiating devices.   This energy is scalar energy.  Orgone energy is scalar energy on four different rates.

A little bit about Orgone-Eloptic Scalar Energy

Orgone Energy is Scalar Energy: There are four kinds of Orgone Energy and they each have their own scalar energy rates which can be measured with a Radionics Analyzer. They are listed along with the rates below.

Rates for Orgone-Eloptic Scalar Energy

1. Positive Orgone energy            59.5-61.5

2. Deadly Orgone Radiation         45.0-69.5

3. Orite (Blackish)                         61.5-79.5

4. Brownite (Brownish)                50.5-52.5

Deadly Orgone Radiation (DOR) should read zero. Normally DOR is found in the ground. When it settles out of the air it is seen as a greyish or blackish powder on the sides of trees or buildings.

The grayish or blackish DOR when it has settled out of the air is known as Orite and Brownite that are forms of Orgone Energy that has not been able to get back into the earth. You can actually see the DOR that settles out on buildings or trees or rocks. It is a grey/black powder. Remember, DOR is found in the ground.

A man named Wilhelm Reich invented a device called a cloud buster.  It would wipe the DOR out of the air.  You simply point the end of the tube at an area in the sky that reads high in DOR, or at a building or tree that is high in Orite or Brownite. You can use a Radionics Analyzer to monitor the levels of the DOR etc., in your area.   If the Positive Orgone Energy reads low and the DOR reads high in the air, you shoot the air with the cloud buster.  When you move the gun off the object the Positive Orgone Energy builds up in the area.

Additional Information

No matter where we go, we are surrounded by a scalar energy field.  Scalar energy has a characteristic where it flows from areas of lower energy levels to higher energy levels. 

When scalar energy flows through a crystal, the intensity of the scalar energy is amplified many times. 

Many people make Organite and Orgone accumulators.  Their Organite devices look like ours, but those devices tend to be dangerous when they are near DOR.   The DOR is attracted to their devices and is run through crystals and amplified and can be quite harmful.

Our energy devices have been programed not to attract in DOR and they do not run DOR energy through the crystals in our energy devices.   Our devices cannot attract, amplify, and radiate out DOR scalar energy.   People who use our devices find that our devices increase their General Vitality levels.  Think of these devices as a trickle charger on the health status of all biological life. 

We have measured batteries and have found high levels of DOR scalar energy present in all batteries.

We have measured solar pannels, wind powered electrical generators, natural gas electrical generators, waste powered electical generators, hydro-electric dams electrical generators, and nueclear power electric generators and found DOR intensity levels at 10,000 in every single one of over 200 electrical power stations spread coast to coast in the USA.   That intensity goes to every home and business wired up for electrical power.   There have been numerous studies on EMF emissions at all frequencies that are harming people.  The DOR scalar energy is in all of those EMF emissions.  Numerous electronic devices have crystal oscillators in them to set frequencies.   Those crystal oscillators amplify the intensity of the DOR energy present and as a result, many people are being harmed by their electrical gadgets... cell phones, radio's, tv's, micro wave ovens, computers, virtually all electrical appliances on the grid or battery powered.

    Orgone-Eloptic Scalar Energy Radiating Device can lower your electric bill.

We have observed that as Orgone-Eloptic Scalar Energy radiates across a loaded electrical circuit, the measured watts of power consumed goes down, but the work accomplished goes up (light from a light bulb increases).  We saw more work done with less power consumed.  This means your electric power bill will be going down because you are consuming fewer kilowatt hours of power, but performance gets better. 

This is easy to prove in a simple experiment.  What is needed is our Orgone-Eloptic energy assembly designed for saving electrical energy, one - Kill-A-Watt EZ unit, a meter to measure the amount of light coming from a light bulb, an extension cord and an electric light.   First, plug the extension cord into an outlet; plug the Kill-A-Watt EZ unit into the extension cord;   plug the electric lamp into the Kill-A-Watt EZ;  turn on the lamp;  turn on the light meter.   Record the Watts being consumed and the light meter reading.   Attach our Orgone-Eloptic energy assembly for saving electrical energy to the conduit coming from the electric meter using plastic ties .   Record the Watts being consumed by the electric light and the light meter reading.  Notice that the Watts consumed has gone down and the light meter reading has gone up. 

Ordinary laws of physics and electronics say this cannot happen, but it does happen and the measurements prove it.  

Cause and effect on loaded electrical circuits.

One cause and effect that we have observed about the Orgone-Eloptic Scalar Energy field is that as it radiates through loaded electrical circuits, it lowers the amount of power being consumed, but it increases the amount of work being accomplished.   We also see an increase in the electric field around the wires.  

As Orgone-Eloptic Scalar Energy radiates through a loaded electrical circuit (a table lamp with a 100 watt bulb) we have observed that the electrical field around that circuit goes up (measured with an Alpha Labs Trifield Meter).  The power consumed by the load (watts) goes down.  The work performed by that electrical circuit goes up (light increases).   A simple experiment with a table lamp that has a 100 watt light bulb in the lamp can illustrate these characteristics of what happens as an Orgone-Eloptic Scalar Field radiates through a loaded electrical circuit.  You need a Kill-A-Watt device to measure the amps, volts, and watts being drawn by the table lamp.   You need a light meter to measure the light coming out of the light bulb.   And you need four of our small Orgone-Eloptic radiating devices.  Run this experiment at night so that external light sources can be controlled and not picked up by the light meter.  First, run the experiment with the four Orgone-Eloptic energy devices well away from your lamp and all wires.   Turn on the lamp and measure the voltage, amperage, watts, electrical field strength on the electric cord, and light coming out of the light bulb.   With our table lamp and a 100 watt bulb, we observed 105 watts being drawn.  We stacked together 4 of our smaller Orgone-Eloptic devices and wrapped them in Aluminum foil.   We then wrapped the electrical cord around the assembly and watched the power consumption go as low as 94 watts and the light got more intense.   We also noticed that the electrical field around the wires increased as measured with a TriField Meter. 

Four $100 Orgone-Eloptic Scalar Energy Devices decrease monthly electrical bills and save $37 / month and $124 / month
on two different residences

We are on a budget plan for Electricity and Natural Gas so that our bill is the same each month.   We placed the 4 unit assembly on the electrical conduit coming from our electrical service meter box.   In five months, we received a refund check of $265 of over payments on our utility bill.  The Electrical power billing was adjusted down $37 per month.   $37 x 12 months = $444.00 / year savings in the Electrical power bill. 

Another account had an electric bill at $220 / month.  We set up a 4 unit Orgone-Eloptic energy device wrapped in Aluminum foil on the electrical conduit coming from the electrical service meter box.  The electrical power billing dropped to $96 / per month.  That was a savings of $124 / month.  $124 x 12 =   $1,488 per year savings.   There is a reason why one account saved $37 / month and another saved $124 / month.   Our Orgone-Eloptic unit is more efficient when more electrical power is being drawn.  The account with the $124 / month saving was drawing more power than the account with the $37 / month savings. 

Orgone-Eloptic Scalar Energy and it's effect upon plants

Plant chlorophyll levels significantly increase: 

Place a potted plant by a window where the sun shines in, the plant will lean toward the sunlight.  Put one of our Orgone-Eloptic Scalar Energy devices into that room and the plant will lean toward our energy device, become darker green, and will exhibit higher growth levels.  

Put one of our one gallon sized Orgone-Eloptic Scalar Energy devices into the middle of a garden and all of the plants will have dark green leaves (never a lighter green color) and they will increase their mass faster. 

Plant energy levels increase:

In the presence of an elevated Orgone-Eloptic Scalar Energy field from our devices, plants rated in much warmer growing zones can survive very cold winters.  For example, a growing zone 7 plant will survive a growing zone 4.5-5 winter.

In the presence of an elevated Orgone-Eloptic Scalar Energy field, in the coldest months of a zone 4.5-5 winter, we saw brown patches of needles on conifer trees turn green and when the weather warmed up that spring, the trees looked like they were totally covered with new growth.  These trees were in excess of 100' feet tall.

The Orgone-Eloptic Scalar field radiates from elements and each element is on one or more frequencies that can be picked up and quantified by a Radionics Analyzer.   The sum of those frequency emissions can also be measured by an Experimental Life Energy Meter.   We measured carrots at 4 at the 1X setting on the Experimental Life Energy Meter.  We placed the bag of carrots in the refrigerator by one of our $100 energy devices.  In a week or so, the carrots measured 12 on the Experimental Life Energy Meter and they started growing roots in the bag while stored in the refrigerator.  In order for the Orgone-Eloptic energy to go from 4 to 12 in those carrots, there had to be an increase in minerals / compounds in those carrots.  Experiments conducted by Dr. Thomas Galen Hieronymus with plants growing inside test tubes from sprouted seeds, showed an increase in elements present in the plant and the appearance of elements that were not in the seed, as the plant grew out.   An increase in mass was noted inside a closed system (sealed up test tubes).  This increase in elements would show up as an increase in the Orgone-Eloptic field that we measured in our carrots exposed to our $100 energy device in a refrigerator.   It is clear that matter can materialize in biological life from the Orgone-Eloptic energy field radiating out from our devices.

Some of the properties of Orgone-Eloptic Scalar Energy: 

Below is our Orgone Eloptic Scalar Energy Power Saver device.

A plastic tie is used to hold the device on the conduit that carries the electricity from the power meter to the circuit breaker box.
The electrical power bill went from $220 per month to $96 per month for one account.   This was a savings of $124 / month.  That was a 56% reduction in the electrical billing.

Orgone Eloptic Power Saver

Click here to purchase this $400 device from our online catalogue.

The devices below can be used for a variety of purposes.

Orgone Eloptic Radiating device 4 lb unit

4 lbs. - $100 click here to order

Orgone Eloptic Radiating Device - 1 gallon unit

14 lbs. - $250 click here to order.

Orgone Eloptic Energy device - 1 pipe unit

5 lbs. - $150 click her to order.

Orgone-Eloptic Energy Sky Cleaner

Click here to purchase the $800 air cleaner.

List of known benefits associated with our Orgone-Eloptic Scalar Energy devices.  Most of these benefits seem to be present because of the effect of the Orgone-Eloptic Scalar Energy field on the flow of electrical energy, electric fields, magnetic fields, and electro-magnetic-fields (EMF).

A - When Orgone-Eloptic Scalar Energy passes through a loaded electrical circuit, the power consumed drops but more work is accomplished.   For example:  the watts consumed by an electric lamp will go down, but the light output (work done) will increase.   The reduction in wattage seems to be higher on residential circuits that are drawing more electrical energy.   For example, an electrical billing of $162 / month had a savings of $37 / month; an electrical billing of $220 / month had a savings of $124 / month. 
- Dust floating in the air within the range of the Orgone-Eloptic field of these devices will fall out of the air.  Odors from plants or cooking odors will also drop out of the air.

C - Chronic pain seems to go away when one is close to the denser portion of the Orgone-Eloptic field of these devices. 
D - Healing of tissues seems to be accelerated when one is in the presence of the Ogrone-Eloptic field of these devices.   This covers humans, animals, plants, insects, bacteria, etc. 
E - Put any of our small units in your vehicle, and you won't get tired driving on long trips. 
F - There are several benefits to plants when in the energy field from our devices.  We have seen plants rated in higher growing zones easily survive cold winters and not die.  We have seen patches of browned out needles on trees over 100' high turn green in the coldest months of our zone 4.5-5 winters.  We have seen plants grow nicely in temperatures that are normally too cold for any growth.  We have seen fruit trees protected from frost when they are in the energy fields from our devices.  Plant yields go up considerably in the energy field from our devices.  Potted plants near a window will lean into the sunshine; put one of our energy devices in the room and the plant leans away from the sunshine towards our energy device and gets darker green.
G - Some scientists have attributed this energy field to containing the energy of all elements and compounds and plant genetics can determine what elements will appear in a plant that is in the energy field from our devices. 
H - The $800 unit will clear dust out of the atmosphere to a radius of about 130 miles at 40,000 feet altitude.  This unit will provide frost protection to plants out about 1 mile or more along along the ground.



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