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Exhibits of Using our Products

Application Research
Propagation of Chrysanthemum's
Inside Grape Vines
Inside Grapes
Internals of Plant Health
Fairy Ring Research
Necrotic Ring Spot Research
The Mycorrhiza Project
Mycorrhiza Resarch
New Grape Plants
Inside Grapes
Inside Grape Vines
Grapes Survive Drought
Growing Grapes From Cuttings
How To Grow Grape Cuttings
BioVam Protocol for Grapes
Organic Raspberries
Treating Trees with our Products
Home Wine Making
Wheat Experiment
Home Gardening
Apple Trees
Asian Pear Tree
Bulbs and Flowers
Container Gardening
BioVam Treated Lawns
BioVam Plant List
Eggplants Recover From Drought
High Brix 2008 Garden Exhibit
Organic Gardening Methods
Raspberries 1999
Raspberries 1998
Sweet Potatoes
Early Girl Tomatoes
Yukon Gold Potatoes
House Plants
BioVam Amaryllis Bulbs
Asparagus Ferns
Cactus Plants
Ornamental Plants
Arborvitae Treated with Yucca Extract
Bulbs and Flowers
BioVam Treated Roses
Sherando Roses Newsletter
Maple Trees
Pansies in the Winter
Quaking Aspen Trees
Rose Protocol
Roses treated with BioVam
Rose Hedge
Roses at Mt Saint Michaels
Pensicola Rose Society
Spirea Shrubs
Soil Ecology
Container Gardening
Potting Soil Blend
Plant Quality Measurements
Brix Equals Quality
2008 High Brix Garden
Turf Management
BioVam Lawn Maintenance
Turf Grass Protocol
Home Lawn Trial
Lawn and Garden Brochure
Fairy Ring Treatment
Necrotic Ring Spot Treatment
Turf Grass Goals & Objectives
USGA VAM Study On Turf grass
The Mycorrhiza Project
Field Trials
USGA VAM Study on Turf Grass
BioVam Nursery Trial
BioVam Spinach Trial
BioVam Grape Trial
BioVam Home Lawn Trial
Orgone-Eloptic Energy Devices
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